Be careful of pots and pans like this….

Hello everyone. As many of you will be replacing your pots and pans, after these recent hurricanes, storms, floods, and tornadoes, I wanted to make you aware of something so small in your kitchens, yet a health concern for yourselves, and your families.

Please be careful to not purchase pots and pans with those screw covers (don’t know what they’re called), that look like the ones pictured. As you can see, water was boiled, and one picture shows nothing but water in pot (no flash on camera). Now, look at the other picture (my flash on), of the boiled water…..ALL OF THE PARTICLES FROM THE CORRODED LITTLE NAIL COVER ARE IN THE WATER, which means, that goes into your food/body.

When replacing your pots and pots, please try to find the flat inside walls of your cookware. Like this:

Also, watch your non-stick pans. These deteriorate on the inside, too. All that, comes off, and goes into your bodies. Those with food allergies, please be careful, because some non-stick pans don’t get rid of all food oils from previous food item cooked. For example, if you cooked something with peanuts, washed pan out, and reused. Some non-stick pans, you can still smell the item you just cooked in it, therefore, leads me to believe oils are still on the nom-stick coating.

After 35 years of cooking, these are just some of my observations. In no way are my opinions better than anyone else’s, but I did want to share my experience with you, and what I’ve learned, over these 35 years in kitchens.

In closing, I do love stainless steel pots and pans, and a good non-stick pan. Please check those reviews, before purchasing your next set. 😊


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