Appreciate All That Is Around You

My high school friend, re-posted this status, on her Facebook today. Her mother wrote it, 1 week before she passed away from cancer. It’s a beautiful reminder to appreciate life.

“Good morning my beautiful children my precious grandchildren and my adorable great-grandchildren. To be able to wake up and see the sunshine everyone takes that for granted just to have the pleasure of opening up your eyes every morning you should be on your knees thanking God for everything he has given us and will give us. And one of these days I will be spending time and a different place. Anyone that can say they don’t want to go to heaven they do not know what they are talking about and yet here I stand ordeal thankful for one more chance to say I love you all my Facebook friends every everyone in my circle I love you all thank you for helping us with our go fund me account it’s giving me enough time to be no excuse yet it’s never enough time but the time that God has given me I will treasure it and look at my people I love deeper and harder and love them more. This is not the time to fuss and argue and fight this is the time to be family. And the ones that are not family love them as much as you can. Everybody has faults Overlook them it’s up to God to judge it is not up to us to run down anyone it is not for us to judge treat people with love and kindness and you will be returned with such I love you all have a great day.”


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