The Garlic Toast Breakfast Sandwich

The Garlic Toast Breakfast Sandwich, by The Grecian New Orleanian

The Garlic Toast Breakfast Sandwich, by The Grecian New Orleanian

This is my family’s “go-to” daily breakfast. It’s quick, easy, filling, fun, delicious, my kids love it (and I know with each bite they get their protein, carb, and fat) and you can take it on the go (car line breakfast… lol).

In this version, I made it with ham, egg, and cheese, but we usually make it with only egg and cheese. Here we go….

a non-stick pan

non-stick cooking spray

nylon spatula

2 pieces bread (I used a whole wheat, with extra grains added in the bread)

1 egg (cooked with non-stick cooking spray)

1 serving shredded cheese (split into 2 servings, or slice of cheese, split into 2)

1 serving ham, bacon, or sausage (optional)


garlic powder (if you have garlic salt, then do not use garlic powder and salt, but only your garlic salt seasoning)

1 tsp butter or oil (optional)

Step 1 – Make your egg first, by either scrambling it, or making it a little omelette.

Step 2 – Next, assemble the sandwich, in the following order, making sure the cheese is touching the top and bottom of your bread: bread, cheese, egg, ham/bacon/sausage (optional), cheese, and bread.

Step 3 – Now, it’s time to toast it in the skillet. Spray your skillet with non-stick cooking spray, or add half teaspoon of oil or butter. Using medium heat, carefully place sandwich into pan. Let it toast on bottom side first, gently start pressing it down with your spatula. Carefully flip over when you feel it’s ready (let it cook about a minute or two), and as it’s cooking, continue pressing it dowm. Season the toasted side with a little salt and some garlic powder. It will start smelling so good at this point. After a minute or 2, when the 2nd side toasts, flip it back over, and lightly season with a little salt and garlic powder. Flip that side back over again (so basically, each side got toasted, seasoned, then toasted a 2nd time to seal in garlic flavor). Remove from heat, transfer to plate, and let cool a few minutes, because filling will be hot (I use my knuckle to feel how warm it is). Leave whole, or carefully cut in half, and enjoy!

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