My 3 Angels

​I was helped by 3 strangers, one year ago today. As a parent, have you ever been helped in public? Here’s my story from 1 year ago……

I lost it in front of Sam’s today, and 3 strangers came to my aide.

A 1 hour grocery store trip, turned into 3 hours, with my fussy toddler.

My 3 year old’s complaints : the ravioli sample wasn’t big enough, he wanted more, the cracker and cheese sample wasn’t enough (by the way, he had already eaten breakfast…Lol), why does the sample machine spit out a doggie sample and not a candy for him, the pumpkin bread sample wasn’t enough, the line at the register was too long,  there were too many people at Sam’s,  the pizza line for his pizza was too long, he didn’t want me to push the 2 buggies, he wanted me to hold him, he didn’t want people looking at him, he didn’t want the people buying groceries in the same aisle as us, he didn’t want a  bottle of water from my car, he wanted a cold water, he didn’t want the lady who checks off your receipt to talk to him, etc., etc.

I walked out of Sams with my 2 buggies, pushing one with my leg, the other with hand, and holding my 3 year old (and ccouldn’t hold him at the time because of health issues), and so I stood there on the breezeway, as I exited Sams, and I just started crying. I was so overwhelmed with how he was acting with his temper tantrums and screaming.

3 strangers approached me and hugged me and took my buggies to my car, unloaded my buggies into my car, and sat there talking to me. 

Coincidentally, the lady told me that she used to run the Camellia City Farmer’s Market that I’m a part of, before Mr. Danny Blackburn. 

Not only did they all 3 physically help me, but actually helped me emotionally by talking to me to make sure I was ok.

Then I get an email in my “The Grecian New Orleanian” inbox (not my page on Facebook, but my blog on wordpress), and it was one of my angel strangers. Her name is Dana Deris Fatic. She sent me a message checking on me.

Oh my goodness, what fantastic people. Thank you SO much for your kindness. 

They all 3 left me with warm hugs.

By the way, I feel much better. 

I wish all of my family and friends a blessed day like this, especially these 3 individuals, if they ever need it. ♡♡♡♡


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