Delivery Day, with Pictures (Update No.4)

Today was delivery day, to feed over 200 people, in the flooded areas of Baton Rouge. The delivery was done in 2 batches: to the volunteers gutting out Holy Trinity Cathedral in Baton Rouge, and the remaining to the folks who were outside gutting their homes in the surrounding area. 

It was challenging getting there today, because my husband felt like he was passing a kidney stone and was in pain, when we were already loaded up and driving to Baton Rouge. My poor husband. Hate to see my loved ones not feeling well. Thankfully, one of our fellow parishioners, Gus, drove my husband’s truck with some of the lunch boxes and bottled waters, and I drove the other car with the rest of the lunch boxes. Thank you Gus! We dropped my hubby off at his sister’s house, who was going to bring him to the ER, if needed. Thank God, he’s okay, for now. 🙂

“Spaghetti Dinner??!! Bottled water??!!”, were my friend Gus, and my phrases today, as we each drove a vehicle down the debris filled streets. Deep appreciation, and smiles, was what we received from everyone. 

I have never volunteered without the help of others, and this week, and today, was a HUGE example of that. From family, to friends, and neighbors, it all got done. What a blessing! 

Thank you to EVERYONE that came out today, and to Gus for taking on Tony’s responsibility today. He, his beautiful wife, and daughter, are some of our favorite people. 

Thank you so much for all of your hard work everyone, and coming out so early! Love y’all!

Prayers for Louisiana!

Almost 15 pounds of seasoned lean ground beef.

Mama Mia that’s alot of Meat Sauce! 4 gallons, to be exact! Lol (love this hilarious kitchen towel that my little sis gave me).

My volunteer group in assembly line! They were awesome!

We filled a total of over 200 spaghetti dinners! 🙂

Mom (left), priest’s mother-in-law (middle), and I. 🙂

Volunteers posing by loaded cars. They were awesome!

My beautiful blessing: my family and friends volunteering together. Love them!

In front of the flooded Greek Orthodox Church in Baton Rouge. Father George blessed lunch, and then everyone ate lunch under the trees, in the shade.

Debris everywhere you go. This was the scenery, everywhere you looked.

Debris to the right from flooding….

Debris to the left from flooding……


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