Assembly Required :-)


Two popular Greek dishes, which are a cross between a casserole dish and a lasagna dish, are the Moussaka and the Pastitsio. You can actually make both, on the same day, although they are time consuming.

The Moussaka is an eggplant lasagna/casserole, and the Pastitsio is a a baked pasta, with meat sauce.

Both Greek delicacies use bechamel cream sauce and meat sauce. Because of this, I usually make both at the same time. The Moussaka is the most tedious, because it requires the bechamel, meat sauce, soaked in salt and then fried eggplants, and the fried potatoes, and then being assembled. Since the Pastitsio uses the same bechamel and meat sauce, all you need to do is prepare your macaroni noodles, and assemble this together, and then bake.

The picture I included in this blog post, shows my little assembly line of all of prepared items, ready to become a delicious dish to share with others.

Another little hint of what I do when I make both dishes, since they’re both topped with bechamel, and you can’t tell what’s underneath, is to top one with a green garnish, like dried parsley flakes (maybe the pasta one), and sprinkle some parmesan/romano on top of the other (the eggplant one). This way you can tell which is which.

Just a little information that I wanted to share with you. Have a blessed day! 🙂


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