The Cheese Burger Lettuce Cups with Siracha Mayonnaise


Hello there! If you love hamburgers (can be beef, turkey, or chicken), but are trying to avoid the bread, here is a delicious idea to enjoy your burger in a different way.

You will start off by preparing all of your items, then asembling your burger cups. First, wash and dry butter head lettuce cups (the outer layers are larger; I used the inside layers, which gave me about 12 little lettuce cups). Next, take one cooked hamburger patty  (about 4 ounces), and cut it up in pieces and distribute evenly in each lettuce cup. Top with one serving of shredded cheese (split hetween all lettuce cups), and 1 medium chopped tomato (also split between all lettuce cups). Mix some mayonnaise (about 2 tbsp) with a few dots of Siracha sauce and blend well until one color. Add Siracha Mayonnaise on top of each burger lettuce cup. Finish off with a few sprinkles of dried or fresh chives. That’s it! Enjoy!


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