Save the “Gelatin Stuff” from your Rotisserie Chicken

Many supermarkets, and grocery stores, now offer those delicious rotisserie chickens, ready to be taken home, and consumed, in so many different ways. I have added sliced or chopped chicken to rice and pasta dishes, soups, gumbos, stews, sauces, etc. Well, you know how they are usually juicy, and have all that liquid at the bottom of the container?  That’s the delicious seasoned broth from the chicken. It’s so flavorful. You can either use it in its liquid form (which is easier), or you can wait until it chills in your refrigerator, and it becomes like a gelatin, and add it to your favorite chicken meals for extra flavor. What are some ideas that you use rotisserie chicken for, besides enjoying as is?   🙂


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