The Egg-cellent Scramble-aya


Yummy idea for scrambled eggs ! Make a jambalaya mixture and add to it !  🙂  This will give you 4 servings. Here we go……

Step 1 – In a heavy bottom pan or skillet, or non-stick pan, put 4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil, 8 ounces sliced smoked sausage, 1 medium sliced onion, 2 sliced celery stalks, and 1 tablespoon dry parsley and sauté for about 15 minutes on medium heat. Sauté continuously, and add a little water, if needed, so that it won’t stick to the pan. Add 1 large chopped tomato in the last 5 minutes. Season with a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder (optional on all 3…..try your mixture first, because some sausages are saltier and spicier than others, and you may like it the way it is already). Transfer mixture to large plate. Wash your pan or skillet, and now it’s time to make the eggs.


Step 2- Beat 8 eggs with 2 tablespoons water.  Spray pan or skillet with non- stick cooking spray. Add eggs, and scramble until cooked. Add salt and pepper to season. Transfer to another plate. Now it’s time to top your eggs with the sausage mixture. Garnish with sliced green onions and a little paprika. That’s it ! Enjoy ! (Final picture up above).  🙂



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