The King Cake, in under an hour

The Grecian New Orleanian


This post is for all of my fans who follow me on Facebook, who don’t live down south, but love King Cake. This recipe is easy, using:

*2 packages (each package should be for 8 servings) of refrigerated cinnamon rolls (that include the icing)

*1 cup of sugar (split into 3, giving you (3) 1/3 cup amounts)

*food coloring (red, blue, yellow, and green, and you will use all of these colors to create your own color)

*baking stone, also called a pizza stone, or another flat baking pan (baking stones are wonderful, because they cook your product evenly, and the more you use them, the more “seasoned” they become, meaning more color gets added on the stone)

*large and clean work area (I used a large cutting board and I set it up next to my pizza stone, but you can also use a clean countertop)

*possible use of…

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