The White Bean Spread/Dip

The White Bean Spread/ Dip…..ready in about 5 minutes. Great for fasting, or as a vegetarian snack.

The Grecian New Orleanian

This is one of those recipes that I “whipped up” in 5 minutes, and I received several compliments after bringing it to a gathering, so I am posting on here for you today. This is a great spread, that looks like humus, and resembles the same ingredients as humus, but it is much milder. It can be enjoyed during fasting times, or, if you just enjoy white bean spread. You can serve this with sliced French bread, instead of butter, or with crackers, or vegetables. One can of beans usually gives you about 3 1/2 half cup servings, but you can also serve it at a gathering, and more people can enjoy it as an appetizer. Here we go…..

1 can Northern white beans (low or no sodium is best), rinsed

3 teaspoons vegetable oil if fasting, OR, you can use extra virgin olive oil if non fasting

fresh cracked…

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