The Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup / Cream of Chicken Noodle Soup

For those of you fighting colds and viruses today, I wish you well. Here is my Home Made Chicken Soup recipe. I really believe in this soup and its ability to heal when we are ill. Get well soon, if you are under the weather.

The Grecian New Orleanian

Chicken noodle soup is just such an amazing, comforting, good for you, soup. Although it is called “chicken noodle soup”, there are some wonderful flavors and benefits that come from also using carrots, parsley, onions, celery, and bay leaves, in addition to the chicken. Research was done in 1993 by University of Nebraska Medical Center researcher, Stephen Rennard, M.D. on chicken soup, and he discovered that it may contain a number of substances, including an anti-inflammatory mechanism, that may help in easing the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Whatever “magic healing” happens when all these ingredients are combined, I have personally noticed a difference in the healing time of my family and friends when I have given it out for colds. Whenever I make this soup, I always make a big pot of it, for my family, and to share with family and friends, especially if they are feeling…

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