The Greek Style Lentil Soup

Oh, this has to be one of my favorite Greek dishes, and my weakness. Thank goodness it’s a healthy option. Lol. Wonderful meal during times of fasting. Very filling. Enjoy.

The Grecian New Orleanian

This is one of my favorite soups that my mom made when we were growing up, and still makes it today. Everyone who makes Lentil Soup, has their own recipe, and this is mine, from what I have learned over the years from my mother. If you have been following my recipes, or if you just started, I sometimes like to make large batches of certain foods and freeze them. I figure, if I already have out pots, cutting boards, knives, the stove is on, etc., etc., I might as well cook a little extra to give out to my family and friends, or store it in the freezer for enjoying later. That being said, this recipe will make 4 quarts, that’s 1 gallon of soup (perhaps you can enjoy one quart of it between today and tomorrow, and freeze the rest in quart size containers). Depending on how hungry…

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