The Vegetarian Moussaka

The Vegetarian Moussaka. So good, you won’t believe this is a fasting recipe. Enjoy.

The Grecian New Orleanian

This is one of my favorite delicacy dishes. The Moussaka is traditionally made with meat and bechamel sauce, but I am so happy to share with you this version that is just so delicious, and rich, and vegetarian (perfect for fasting), that you don’t even notice what you are missing. In addition, the vegetables for a moussaka are usually fried, but here, we are going to brush them with oil on each side, bake them, and then assemble our moussaka and put it back in the oven to come together as one. Okay, now this is a little bit of work, but it is no nice to enjoy the fruits of your labor after it is done. Here we go….
1 recipe Roasted Eggplant (from my blog)
3 green zucchini squash, sliced long ways, between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick (always try a piece of each raw zucchini you slice…

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