The Pork Won Ton/Low-Carbohydrate Asian Meatball

The Pork Won Ton / Low Carbohydrate Asian Meatball. A family favorite. Enjoy! ♡♡♡♡

The Grecian New Orleanian

I have a sweet neighbor who brought me authentic Chinese food one night, because she and I always exchange dinner plates. She is an EXCELLENT cook. I have been having a craving for Asian food ever since, and so, I came up with the following seasonings, for Pork Won Tons, which, the filling can also be used for Low Carbohydrate Asian Meatballs. These Asian filled dumplings can be cooked several ways, by either steaming them (making sure they do not touch, or they will stick together), by frying them, or boiling them in either plain water, or to make won ton soup. We enjoyed ours fried, and so, this is the recipe I am going to share with you. One serving of won tons is 8 wrappers, so you figure 8 per person (this recipe will yield about 4 dozen, or you can split it up into 2 batches, to…

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