The Holy Bread (or Prosforo)/Home Made Bread Recipe

Here are step by step instructions for baking your own Holy Bread/ Home Made Bread, using only flour, yeast, water, and salt. Be at peace when baking bread, so you can enjoy the experience. ♡♡♡♡

The Grecian New Orleanian

I grew up with my father and mother baking home-made bread all the time. The aroma of home-made bread is literally food for the soul. You get this warm feeling of love and happiness when you smell home-made bread. This recipe will yield 6 loaves of bread. You can make Holy Bread with this recipe, which requires you to place the Prosofro Stamp in the middle of the dough once you form it in the pan, or you can just make home-made bread. When I make this large of a batch, I make some Holy Bread with the stamp for church, like the ones pictured in the front of the picture, and then I also make some for our home without the stamp, like the ones pictured in the back of the picture. This does take a few hours to make, so patience is needed in this recipe, and I…

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