The Greek Style Stuffed Cabbage with Brown Rice and Pan Seared Green Tomatoes

Greek Style Stuffed Cabbage (great as a vegetarian meal, or if you are fasting, made with brown rice and those wonderful lemony green tomatoes, that compliment the dish).

The Grecian New Orleanian

I was SO excited when I had the idea to make this dish. I was trying to think of what I could stuff the cabbage leaves with that will make it more tasty and plentiful, without it being all rice, and I could not wait to work on this recipe to see if indeed the flavors complimented each other, and they sure do. Greek Style Stuffed Cabbage is very lemony, and in this dish, I saute’ green tomatoes, to give the rice mixture a lemony flavor, and in the end, you do not even SEE the tomatoes, because they disintegrate into the rice mixture. If you have eaten cooked green tomatoes, you know that they are very lemony, once cooked, therefore, a great pair with the rice mixture. I substituted brown rice, in place of the white rice, so this is a nice and hearty, healthy dish, all the way…

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