The Balsamic Stewed Chicken

The Balsamic Stewed Chicken ♡

The Grecian New Orleanian

In this recipe, the flavors of a lovely, rich, tomato sauce, combined with the heartiness of the chicken, chick peas and olives, really compliment each other, giving you a very healthy and enjoyable stew. You can enjoy this stew on its own, with your favorite toasted and warmed bread, with pasta, or rice, as pictured here. This recipe can be for 8 small servings, or 4 large servings. You can either leave the chicken on the bone, or cut it up, or shred it, with a knife and fork, once it is cooked, into small bite size pieces, like pictured here.

Step 1- season chicken and add to pan

8 chicken thighs, skinless (you can cook it with the skin on, and remove it easily later, however, for a less fat version of this dish, you may want to remove it prior to cooking by pulling it off with a…

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