The Lean Beef and Cheese Quesadillas


The Lean Beef and Cheese Quesadillas

Like most of the world who loves snacks,  we enjoy the occasional Mexican fare in our home.  Instead of eating out when we crave it, I do my best to make my own for my family, controlling the salt, amount of fat, and amount of product that goes into our food.  Now, I will not sit here and be hypocritical and tell you that we don’t enjoy eating out at restaurants,  because that would be a lie, however, I will tell you that because we do love this type of food,  I often cook it at home, and I when I made this recipe,  I wanted to share it with you, and hope you enjoy it, too. Because we are making the whole pound of ground beef, this can yield you 8 servings (1 quesadilla per person), but you can make just 1 serving, and save the taco meat to make a salad, soft tacos, or other recipes, or even freeze some for later use. 1 pound of lean ground beef should allow you to make 8 quesadillas, with approximately 3 tablespoons of beef per person. You can try putting more meat, but it may fall out. Here we go…..

  • 3 tablespoons lean ground taco meat (1 pound lean ground beef, browned and sautéed with The Home Made Taco Seasoning, adding a couple of teaspoons of water, if needed), recipe posted here:
  • 2 small soft flour tortillas
  • 4 tablespoons of Mexican Shredded Cheese Blend 
  • garlic powder, paprika
  • non stick cooking spray
  • non stick pan
  • wide spatula
  • pizza cutter (or knife)

Have all of your items ready before you begin. Spray your non stick pan with non stick cooking spray. Warm on medium heat. Place your flour tortilla in pan first. Evenly sprinkle 2 tablespoons of your cheese. Next, top the cheese with 2 tablespoons taco meat. Finally, sprinkle the remaining 2 tablespoons of cheese, and top with 2nd flour tortilla. Warm for about 2 to 2.5 minutes. Press down on your tortilla with your spatula to begin flattening your quesadilla and so that the cheese starts connecting the 2 sides. With your spatula, carefully flip quesadilla over, using your hands to kind of hold it together on the cold side (some stuff may fall out, so just do your best to put it back in there). Warm for another 2-2.5 minutes on second side. While you are waiting for second side to come together, lightly sprinkle garlic powder and paprika to season your tortilla, and using your spatula, press it down a little again. Now it will be easier to flip over again because by this time it should have “glued” together from the cheese. Flip it back over for a few seconds to let that garlic seasoning get in the tortilla. Quickly sprinkle a little more garlic powder and paprika seasoning on the next side and flip that side over, too, to seal in that garlic flavor. So, to summarize, each side will get 2-2.5 minutes of cooking, plus a few more seconds of cooking after the garlic seasoning has been put on. Remove from heat, and using a pizza cutter, or knife, slice quesadilla into 8 wedges, cutting it into half, then fourths, then eights. That’s it! Enjoy with your favorite salsa as a dipping sauce. For more recipes, please “like” my Facebook page, The Grecian New Orleanian. 




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