The Crispy Fried Fish

The Crispy Fried Fish. Enjoy !

The Grecian New Orleanian

We do not eat many fried foods in our home, but this dish is “oh so good”, and it is “oh so crunchy”, when it is finished frying. It is easy to make, by just seasoning your fish, dredging it in flour, then frying it in a healthy oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, and finally topping it with some lemon and parsley (optional), and you have got one delicious fish meal (and you can accompany it by one of the many side dishes listed on my recipe blog, such as potatoes, rice, or pasta). It is best to go with a fish in your area that is readily available and that holds well together, so it does not fall apart once fried. Our choice of fish down south United States is usually tilapia or catfish. This recipe is not for a specific amount of servings, only for teaching…

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