Lenten Recipes Are On My Blog

Hello everyone. I just wanted to wish all of you who will be celebrating the Lenten season, a very happy and blessed 40 days of Lent. I started a reicpe blog almost 1 year ago, next week, and it was during Lent, to share my recipes with others. I had gone to confession, and as soon as I left, and I was still on church property, this idea came to me that if I can not fast all the 40 days of Lent because of my insulin resistance, then I can at least share my talent of cooking that God has bestowed upon me, and share my Lenten recipes with as many people as I can, and the name “The Grecian New Orleanian” just POPPED in my head. I never in my life thought that I would be sitting here today, with thousands of hits, and almost 45 countries having visited my recipe blog. Thank you for being my blessing in my life and trusitng my ideas and recipes in your kitchens. There is a search button on my blog and you can type in what you are looking for, plus, I have dishes under the title “vegetarian”, and/or, “Lenten”. For home made bread, with no preservatives, please visit my recipe blog on Holy Bread. I will continue posting Lenten dishes the during Lent, with vegetarian dishes, as well as seafood. Please feel free to share using the buttons below. Thank you again, and take of yourselves. 🙂


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