The Beef Pho Soup

The Beef Pho Soup

The Beef Pho Soup

Beef Pho Soup is one of those soups that takes a while to cook, but the end results are just so amazing and soothing to the soul. Being one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam, many people enjoy this heart warming delight, and the evidence is the popularity of Pho restaurants popping up everywhere. Like all my recipes, I try my best to make them tasty and give them my own spin. In this recipe, because of the many hours involved to make this soup, I make a large batch, to enjoy for the week, or to share with family, friends, and neighbors. Since this takes a while to make, I think it is best to make a large pot of it, and you can even freeze your broth add your beef, noodles, and toppings at a later date. I use a triple onion mix in my broth, and instead of sugar, I use carrots, which, have natural sugars, to sweeten my soup. I hope you make this lovely soup and enjoy it and share it with others, too. Here we go…….

Step 1- For the broth, cook all below ingredients together and simmer for about 2 1/2 hours on medium low, covered, skimming away any fat or any impurities that have floated to the top (like grayish color from meat, that looks like froth) with a fine sieve. 

20 cups water (which will eventually get down to 16 cups, which is one gallon of water)

4 teaspoons Kosher salt, plus 1 teaspoon extra

1/2- 1 teaspoon black pepper corns

1/4 cup soy sauce, or more, depending on your taste buds, you can always add more later to your bowl, if needed

1/2 white onion, peeled and cut into 4

1/2 red onion, peeled and cut into 4

4 green onion stalks, cut into 4

4 whole cloves peeled garlic

1 cup carrots, big chunks

about 1 pound ox tails

about 1 pound beef bones with a little meat on them

larger than a gallon size pot, with a lid, or, you can even cook it in a turkey roaster (very large electric pan) on medium (which is what I did)

Step 2- Add ingredients listed below to your soup. Continue to cook for about another 2 1/2 hours on medium low, covered. 

1 cinnamon stick

2 anise pods

1/2 stick butter

1 piece of ginger, peeled, about 1 tablespoon

2 bay leaves

Step 3- Strain your soup with a very fine sieve, until you have a clear soup. I used my sieve, and very carefully, went back and forth, until all ingredients were removed. Discard your spices, but you can enjoy the onions, carrots, garlic, and other veggies, if you like, with your soup, or on the side. 

Step 4-  Slice beef, while still a little frozen (this will help you slice the beef easier and in thin strips). Do not cook. Leave the beef raw. Because it is so thin, it will instantly cook once the hot broth is ladled on top, when you begin to assemble the soup. 

1 pound tender chuck roast, sliced into very thin strips

Step 5- Make your rice noodles, according to package directions.

rice noodles


Step 6- Prepare your toppings.

toppings: sliced limes, freshly snipped cilantro, freshly snipped basil, sliced jalapenos, sliced green onions, sliced white onions, bean sprouts, hoisin sauce, and hot chili sauce

Step 7- It is finally time to set up your soup bowls and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You should have a total of 16 cups of soups, giving you 8 servings of 2 cups each (if you decide to do 4 cups of broth per person, then this will give you 4 HUGE servings, which are about the size of the some of the restaurant bowls when you are served in a restaurant). Place one serving of prepared rice noodles in each bowl, and top with about 2 ounces of very thin raw beef slices and scoop two cups of broth over each little beef pile (again, if you will be enjoying 4 cups of broth over your meat and noodles, then you can increase your beef to 4 ounces per bowl). Add your favorite toppings listed in Step 6 and enjoy.  🙂 Thank you for allowing me into your kitchen to share my recipes with you. Have a blessed day. 🙂


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