The Low-Fat, Pan Seared French Fries

Here is another way to make French Fries, without frying or baking them….pan searing them. This delicious alternative is sure to please the palette. Recipe that follows is for one person, so please feel free to adjust as needed. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Here we go…..

1 medium russett potato, per person, skin on, washed, cut in half, then cut each half, long ways, into 5 slices, giving you a total of 10 fries

Non-Stick Cooking spray

Kosher salt

Black pepper

Non-stick pan

Spray non stick pan with non stick spray. Place potatoes in pan. Cook 19 – 20 minutes, on each side. Remove your pan from heat for a second, spray with non stick spray, and return to heat. I, personally, did this step to achieve the beautiful brown color of the fries. (Use nylon tongs to turn each fry over, so you won’t scratch your pan). Season with salt and pepper during cooking. Remove from heat, and let cool a couple of minutes. That’s it !!!! Enjoy !!!!


The Low-Fat, Pan Seared French Fries


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