The Crispy Fried Fish

We do not eat many fried foods in our home, but this dish is “oh so good”, and it is “oh so crunchy”, when it is finished frying. It is easy to make, by just seasoning your fish, dredging it in flour, then frying it in a healthy oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, and finally topping it with some lemon and parsley (optional), and you have got one delicious fish meal (and you can accompany it by one of the many side dishes listed on my recipe blog, such as potatoes, rice, or pasta). It is best to go with a fish in your area that is readily available and that holds well together, so it does not fall apart once fried. Our choice of fish down south United States is usually tilapia or catfish. This recipe is not for a specific amount of servings, only for teaching purposes of how to fry the fish for individual portions, and you just make as many as needed for yourself, your family, or gathering. Here we go……

5-7 ounce piece of catfish, per person, or other fish in your area that does not fall apart when fried

sparingly use on both sides of each piece of fish: sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder

all-purpose flour for dredging (this means to coat both sides of your fish with flour)

extra virgin olive oil for frying (just enough to cover the bottom of your pan, so not too much oil)

lemon wedges

snipped parsley for garnish (optional)

large bowl (for your flour)

spatula or tongs for placing fish into oil, turning it, and removing it (if you will be using same utensil, then please wash first and dry well so water does not cause oil to splatter on you)

plate to place seasoned and floured fish BEFORE you fry it

plate lined with napkins to place fried fish AFTER you have fried it

non stick skillet or pan

We begin this dish by first washing our fish, then seasoning both sides, dredging it in flour, and then placing our “ready to fry pieces” onto a plate. On medium heat, warm your extra virgin olive oil for a couple of minutes. Once oil is heated, carefully place fish in single layer, one a time, with tongs or a spatula, into your oil.  Once your fish is nice and brown and toasty looking, then carefully flip over (I used 2 spatulas sometimes, or even 2 tongs). Depending on your heat, pan, etc., it may about 7 minutes per side, but please use your judgement. I even flip it back over and then back over again to get that perfect crispy look and taste. Once the crispness is achieved, carefully remove your fish and place on paper lined plate. Let cool for a couple of minutes, and garnish with lemon wedge and parsley, if you like. That is it !!! Enjoy !!!!


The Crispy Fried Fish


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