The Romance Chicken

So, you are probably wondering WHY I chose this name as my recipe blog topic, and my answer is BECAUSE when my husband came over to my mother’s house for a date in my mother’s kitchen with me, THESE are the flavors that I put together in a chicken dish to serve to him, and he LOVED it, and later on in life, he asked me to marry him. Now, I am not saying that this causes “requests for hand in marriage”, however, I felt it appropriate to name this dish that name, and I hope you try this dish, and enjoy it yourself, because it is REALLY good. I would have to explain the taste to you as Asian mixed with Mexican. I did not put a serving size on this recipe, but I can tell you to choose one thigh, skin on, bone in, per person, and season each piece. I really do hope you try this dish, and enjoy it as much as we have. Here we go……

chicken thighs, bone in, skin on

seasonings to use sparingly on top and bottom of each chicken (salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, cumin powder-please do not add too much salt, because it will make it too salty, especially since we are adding the soy sauce)

soy sauce SLIGHTLY drizzled ONLY ON BOTTOM OF PIECE, NOT ON SKIN (please do not add too much soy sauce, because it will make it too salty….maybe about 2 or 3 dashes or drops of soy sauce, per chicken)

roasting pan

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Season chicken as stated above, and bake, in single layer, for 40-50 minutes. Skins should be brown, as if they were grilled on the barbecue pit, but not burned. Remove from oven, and let cool for a few minutes, and enjoy with one of my side dishes posted on my recipe blog, such as potatoes, rice, pasta, or salad. Thank you for letting me share this story with you.  🙂


The Romance Chicken


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