The Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

This recipe for all of you who love a little “sassiness” with your breakfast, or an egg burrito with a little flair. I use the filling from the chorizo sausage and I squeeze it out and cook it, but you may find chorizo in your grocer’s meat section already in a patty form. This is quick and easy, and cuts out a lot of the fat by using non stick spray to cook your egg, and gives you a lower carbohydrate count if you use a whole wheat tortilla. This is for one serving. Here we go…….

1/2 chorizo link, squeezed out of casing, cooked with a little water

1 egg, beaten, with a tablespoon of water

1 whole wheat tortilla

2 tablespoons Mexican cheese blend, or shredded cheddar

your favorite salsa for dipping, optional

2 plates (1 for your egg and chorizo, and 1 for the completed item)

non stick cooking spray

non stick pan

wooden or nylon spoon


In your non stick pan, on medium heat, saute’ your chorizo with a little water until cooked all the way, breaking it up with your spoon. once it is cooked, and you have broken it up during cooking, it will look like ground meat. Remove from heat, and transfer to a plate. Carefully wash out pan, and now it is time to cook your scrambled egg. Spray pan with non stick cooking spray, add egg, and cook on medium heat until firm. Remove from heat, and transfer to plate. Carefully wash out pan again. Now it is time to “assemble” your burrito on a plate and then transfer it to the pan. In your open tortilla, and using the middle of the tortilla, place a little cheese, your chorizo, egg, and then the rest of your cheese. To close your burrito, start near your stomach area, and fold over that part of the burrito, and then fold over the left and ride side. it will probably not close all the way, so now it is time to place it in your skillet so that it will make a “seam” as if it is going to “glue together” with the cheese. Place your non stick pan on medium-low heat, and seam side down (the part where you closed your burrito shut), carefully place your burrito into the pan (and yes, some things may fall out, that is okay, just stuff them back in). Warm it for a couple of minutes, using your judgement (I peek to see if it toasty looking before I flip it over), but, be careful, because it can also burn quickly (if it makes you feel any better, I burned one of mine that I made for this picture, and I had to make another one). Using your spatula, carefully flip it over to “toast” the other side. Remove from heat, and let cool, and enjoy with or without your favorite salsa.


The Chorizo Breakfast Burrito


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