The Pork Won Ton/Low-Carbohydrate Asian Meatball

I have a sweet neighbor who brought me authentic Chinese food one night, because she and I always exchange dinner plates. She is an EXCELLENT cook. I have been having a craving for Asian food ever since, and so, I came up with the following seasonings, for Pork Won Tons, which, the filling can also be used for Low Carbohydrate Asian Meatballs. These Asian filled dumplings can be cooked several ways, by either steaming them (making sure they do not touch, or they will stick together), by frying them, or boiling them in either plain water, or to make won ton soup. We enjoyed ours fried, and so, this is the recipe I am going to share with you. One serving of won tons is 8 wrappers, so you figure 8 per person (this recipe will yield about 4 dozen, or you can split it up into 2 batches, to make 2 dozen, which is 24, which comes out to 3 servings). Here we go…..

1 pound lean ground pork or lean pork stew meat, grinded up in food processor

1 bunch cilantro, cut up

2 teaspoons fresh ginger

3 cloves garlic

3 tablespoons sesame oil

3 tablespoons soy sauce

2 green onions, sliced

2 large carrots, cut up

won ton wrappers (8 per person, so this recipe will yield about 4 dozen)

vegetable oil for frying

1 recipe The Asian Marinade and Sauce for dipping (please search my blog for this recipe)

non stick pan

plate lined with paper towels

Place all ingredients, except the won tons, vegetable oil, and marinade, in a food processor and grind up for a few seconds so that it will look like a ground meat mixture, and all of the vegetables are minced finely. If you are filling won ton wrappers, then please see pictures below, and on medium heat, in a pan filled with vegetable oil, fry your won tons for about 7 minutes, until nice and crispy and brown. If you will only be frying your meatballs, then place some vegetable oil in your pan, and once oil is heated for a few minutes, add your meatballs, and cook until nice and brown. Carefully remove from heat and place on paper towel lined plate. Won tons and meatballs can be served with The Asian Marinade and Sauce for dipping. (some of my wrappers were ripped, and so I had to make a couple of different designs to keep the filling in, one being where the won ton looks like an envelope, and the other being where the won ton looks like a mini burrito). Enjoy !!!


The Pork Won Ton/ Low-Carbohydrate Asian Meatballs, with The Asian Marinade and Sauce

raw won ton in first stages

Raw won ton in first stages. You put a little water with either a pastry brush, or your finger, at the top left and right corners of the won ton wrapper, in front of the filling, near the top of the pointed part of the won ton. 


raw won ton in middle stages

Raw won ton in middle stages. You achieve next step by joining the left and right corner and kind of pinching together a little bit with a touch of water so it will stick together, which brings us to the final step, in the next picture


raw won ton made up in final stage

Raw won ton made up in final stage. You kind of pinch that middle part together on the bottom of where the ball area is, making sure it is not too wet, especially if you are frying them. 


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