The Low-Fat Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (made w/ OIL-LESS ROUX)

The Low-Fat Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (made w/ OIL-LESS ROUX)

The Low-Fat Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (made w/ OIL-LESS ROUX)

Well I am just so happy to share my recipe with you for this Low-Fat Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. In my opinion, Gumbo is THE most popular soup down here in Louisiana, and everyone makes it different and everyone has their own family recipe. This is my recipe, that I wrote down for you, step by step. I would like to tell you a couple of things before we start. First of all, this is not an easy recipe, but you will enjoy the fruits of your labor when you are done. Secondly, yes, we are cooking a gallon of this, but I feel like this, if you are going to stand up all this time cooking, and stirring, and whisking, and chopping, and sautéing, and getting pots and pans dirty, why not only do all the clean up once, and make a big batch, and just freeze any leftovers. In continuing, the reason I am calling this “low-fat” is because I am going to show how to make an oil-less roux ( pronounced roo). A roux is a thickener usually made from equal parts of flour and oil, but in this recipe I make my roux with NO OIL. Furthermore, the chicken of choice here is thighs, because they are sweeter, and the juiciest cut of chicken, and easy to peel off the bone later. Now, I want to let you know, that you have a choice to either make your roux and your rice ahead of time to cut down on your steps, otherwise, you will have 3 burners going at once, which is what I do. While one thing is cooking, I move onto the next thing to save time. Out of all of my recipes that I have posted thus far, this one has THE most steps, but it is delicious in the end. This recipe will yield either (16) 1 cup servings, or (8) 2 cup servings. Okay, here we go (and if you have any questions before you start, please email me and I will do my best to help you)……

Step 1- Brown Chicken

4 pounds chicken thighs, bone in, skin removed

Salt and pepper

1/2 gallon size pot, or bigger, make sure heavy bottom pot or non stick pot


Salt and pepper top of each chicken piece. On medium high heat, brown chicken for 5 minutes on each side (during the browning of chicken period, you can cut up your vegetables to have them ready for step 2). Do not worry if they stick a little to the pan because all that will come up once we add water later to make our stock. Remove your chicken from the pot. Do not clean pot, we will use the crusty stuff in the bottom of the pan to saute’ vegetables in it in the next step.

Step 2- Saute’ your veggies

1 large sweet, yellow, or white onion, diced

5 celery stalks, diced

1 green bell pepper, diced

handful of parsley, chopped

Salt and pepper

On medium high heat, add your vegetables, and a little salt and pepper, to the pot you just used to brown your chicken. The vegetables will get soft and brown a little from the crusty stuff in the bottom of the pot. Saute’ your vegetables for 5 minutes. Leave them in the pan, and now it is time to add your water to make your stock in step 3.

Step 3- Make your stock by putting everything together

18 cups water (1 gallon plus 2 cups)

2 large bay leaves

4 1/2 teaspoons sea salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Browned chicken

1 pound smoked sausage, andouille sausage, or store made sausage ( I used green onion sausage)

3 cloves crushed garlic

4 green onion stalks, sliced thin

Reduce heat to medium and slowly add your first 2 cups of water so it will not splatter on you. Now you can add the rest of your water, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Using tongs, slowly add each piece of chicken, and your sausage. Once everything is cooked, that is when you will use a knife and fork to cut up your chicken and sausage ( the bones of the chicken season the broth you are making very well). As your broth is cooking, with a spoon, carefully skim the top of your broth (that means remove the white bubbly stuff that have,floated to the surface). Cook your broth on medium for about an hour. Add your green onions at the end of cooking time.

Step 4- Boil water for your rice, and make your rice according to directions.

Step 5- Make your fat-free roux

2 cups all-purpose flour

Heavy bottom pan or non-stick pan

Metal Whisk or nylon whisk (if using non-stick pan)

On medium heat, warm your pan for a minute, then add your flour and toast it for 8-10 minutes. You need to whisk it constantly, because it can burn. At first, it will smell toasty, and then it will get a little stronger. You are looking for a caramel color, or peanut butter color, or light brown color here. Quickly remove from heat and transfer to a big bowl.

Step 6- Remove meat from your stock and let cool for a few minutes until you can cut it up or peel it with your hands without getting burned.


Your broth is about to become gumbo……to thicken your broth, slowly sift a little roux at a time into your broth with one hand, while using the other hand to stir the broth wherever your roux falls into your pot. This will take about 10 minutes. DO NOT JUST DUMP YOUR ROUX INTO YOUR BROTH BECAUSE IT WILL BE LUMPY. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS STEP TO MAKE IT SMOOTH LIKE A GRAVY.

Step 8- Putting the final steps together for your Gumbo… are just about done….

It is now time to peel our chicken and cut it into bite size pieces, and cut our sausage into thin rounds. Once this is done, add it slowly back into your broth, which is now called GUMBO…..CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!! YOU DID IT !!!!!! 

Now it is time to plate your Gumbo. Ladle desired amount into your bowl, put desired amount of rice, and at this point, depending on your love for spicy food, you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper and hot sauce to the top of your dish, and if available in your area, you can also add Gumbo File’.

That is it !!!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and please send me a picture, if possible !!!!!

Raw chicken thighs, skin removed, bone in, salted and peppered.

Raw chicken thighs, skin removed, bone in, salted and peppered.

Vegetables chopped and ready for sautéing.

Vegetables chopped and ready for sautéing.

This is called "Skimming Your Broth", you need to remove the white foamy stuff and discard.

This is called “Skimming Your Broth”, you need to remove the white foamy stuff and discard.



Roux Balls- This is why you have to sift your roux (flour), so that these don't go into your gumbo.

Roux Balls- This is why you have to sift your roux (flour), so that these don’t go into your gumbo.



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