The Shrimp Boil Chowder

So, what do you do with your left over shrimp boil? Why, make it into a chowder, of course. This recipe is great for fasting, during lent, because it has no oil, dairy, or butter in it, and it is great as a vegetarian meal, and VERY low fat. As a matter of fact, I made the roux (pronounced roo) with no oil, by just toasting the flour in a good heavy-duty pot, for a few minutes, to give it that awesome flavor. Once cooked, you can add a teaspoon of sweet cream butter to bring it to that next level for your palette. This recipe is for one gallon of soup, about 4 quarts, which will give you (8) 2 cup servings, but you can decrease the amount if you choose. I put everything I had left over into my chowder, which made it nice and chunky. This is a two-step soup, but you can work on both steps at the same time, to save time, using two pots. Here we go…..

Step 1 – make your roux

1 cup all-purpose flour

2 pinches of black pepper

2 pinches of paprika

heavy bottom pan, or non stick pan

whisk (if using non stick pan, please use nylon whisk so it won’t scratch your pan surface)

On medium, heat, saute’ flour for about 10-15 minutes, until nice and a little creamy in color. You have to whisk very often so that flour will keep toasting evenly. Once finished, remove from heat (especially if you have an electric stove, because it may keep cooking your roux, and you don’t want it to burn or turn more brownish, which would actually be the color of roux for making gumbo). Because this recipe has no oil in it, it is very important to VERY SLOWLY add the toasted flour to your hot water, coming up in your next step. 

Step 2- making your chowder

16 cups of water

4 teaspoons seasoned salt, such as Season All

1 cup roux (from step 1)

left over vegetables, cut up into bit size pieces, and corn cut off of ears

shrimp, peeled, and cut into smaller pieces

dried chives for garnish (optional)

bigger than one gallon stock pot, heavy bottom

Place water and seasoned salt in pot and bring to a boil over medium high heat. Once boiling, SLOWLY sift roux into your water and mix well as you are doing so to dilute the flour (you may want to continue to use your whisk in this part to dissolve everything evenly). Once you have added all of the roux, and your soup looks smooth, you can now add your cut up vegetables and shrimp. Reduce heat to medium low, and let the flavors marry by letting it simmer for about 20 minutes. Let the soup sit for a while to cool. If you are not fasting, a delicious way to finish off this soup is to place one teaspoon of butter on top of each bowl of soup. That’s it !!!! Enjoy !!!!!


The Shrimp Boil Chowder


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