The Caramelized Doughnut

Do you have any day old doughnuts that you don’t know what to do with? Well, here is a really delicious idea that I used to use many years ago. The last time we bought doughnuts was years ago, but, my husband was craving them, and so I made them like this for him, at his request. This will give your doughnuts a candy coating, making them crunchy on the outside and delicious as always on the inside. Please be careful to NOT TOUCH THE DOUGHNUTS UNTIL THEY HAVE COOLED SO THAT THE CARAMELIZED COATING ON THE OUTSIDE DOES NOT BURN YOUR HAND/FINGERS. Anytime you are working with melted sugar, please use caution and use either a butter knife to insert into the middle to handle them or a fork or tongs. There is no specific serving for this recipe, it is just to tell you about how to do this. One doughnut would be one serving. Here we go…..

day old doughnuts (fresh ones will work, too)

non stick pan

non stick cooking spray

butter knife, fork, spoon, or something to grab the doughnut to pick it up to turn it over during caramelization (PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH DOUGHNUT WITH HAND OR FINGERS. MELTED SUGAR IS VERY HOT AND WILL BURN YOUR SKIN. PLEASE USE A UTENSIL TO TURN THEM OVER AND TO REMOVE FROM PAN WHEN READY)

Spray non stick cooking spray on your pan, and heat on medium. Place desired amount of doughnuts into pan and cook for about 2 minutes. (I set my timer, because they can burn very quickly).  Spray the tops of your doughnuts, and turn them over and cook them for another 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. (This second side will cook very quickly). Turn them back over once more, and cook for only 30 seconds more. Please use your judgement and remove promptly so that they don’t burn. As you can see in this picture, this is what they should look like. If you are making more, pour a little water into your pan, which will cause it to sizzle, and clean out your pan, and start over again. This will eliminate the burned sugar and help your pan start from scratch. The results are amazing. PLEASE LET THE DOUGHNUTS COOL FOR A FEW MINUTES BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY HOT AND CAN BURN YOU. Once they have cooled, they will have a slightly crunchy coating, tasting like caramel. If you stack them like I have them in this picture, because they are sugar, and caramelized, they will stick together, so if you are serving people, place their doughnuts on individual plates as soon as you remove them from the pan. That’s it !!! Enjoy !!!!


The Caramelized Doughnut


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