The Grecian Breakfast Burrito

I am always looking for a new way to enjoy my eggs and vegetables, and here is my recipe for a delicious different way, if you haven’t already tried it yourself. Here we go….

1 cup fresh spinach leaves

2 eggs, with 1 tablespoon of water, beaten

2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese (1 tablespoon for the filling and one for garnish)

5 grape of cherry tomatoes, cut in half, long ways

whole wheat flour tortilla

pinch or two of dried oregano (for garnish)

non stick cooking spray

non stick pan

big spatula

On medium heat, place your non stick cooking pan, sprayed with non stick cooking spray, and add your spinach leaves. Saute for just a minute, until soft (it will tremendously shrink). Add your beaten eggs, and stir until your scrambled eggs are done. Remove from pan. Wash pan and now we are ready to assemble our burrito. On a plate, place your tortilla, then add your tomatoes, scrambled eggs and spinach, and feta cheese. Close it as best as you can by folding it over. Spray your non stick pan with non stick cooking spray again, and carefully place your burrito, with the folded side down. You can place a small plate on top to press it down, or you can use your spatula. Let it seal (the cheese will melt and create a little bit of a crusty seal for you) for about a minute or minute and a half on medium, then carefully flip it over and press it down again for another minute, or until browned. Don’t worry if you will see a little liquid coming out of your burrito, that’s the fresh spinach, just use a napkin to wipe up any excess. Carefully place your burrito on a plate, seam side up, and if any stuffing fell out, no worries, stuff it back in there with your spatula. Top with the rest of your crumbled feta cheese, and sprinkle with some oregano, and you’re done. Enjoy !!!


The Grecian Breakfast Burrito


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